Architecture being the definition of space and form to accommodate human activity requires the application of three dimensional visual skills in tandem with an understanding of user needs. Gilroy McMahon are dedicated to the achievement of the highest possible quality in the pursuit of both. This simple philosophy applies to all aspects of human activity whether that be the home, the educational context, the workplace, an interior, a piece of furniture or a place of public assembly.

The design process begins with the clarification of a project’s goals. Our experience over a long and varied portfolio of work has developed methodologies of identifying particular requirements tailored to each specific project. The end goal is to transform the bones of the schedule of accomodation and financial budget, into a prioritised set of Client directives from which the eventual design is derived and to which its evolution is subordinated. Gilroy McMahon see architecture as both a vital agency of social betterment and uplift for the spirit.

The emphasis is on the social dimension and functionality not merely appearance. Notwithstanding the importance of user response our design vocabulary has been highly developed in all relevant criteria as reflected in the many awards for our work and success in design competitions. We commence each project from a new beginning. We exhaustively examine materiality and proportions. Our evolving designs are driven by issues of energy and sustainabilty from early stage. Site context, relationship with immediate context, the treatment of spaces between building inform design development as do all visual elements which constitute architectural expression.


Consistency in design and architecture has led our company to be awarded the ISO 9001:2009 Quality Mark by the NSAI (Certificate No GB09/78242). Our systems of quality management are overseen and tested by internal and external auditors, ensuring that a thorough process is followed in every activity from initial concept to final completion.